Exciting News: The Light Who Binds is coming soon!

I’ve just finished integrating the changes from my Beta Readers and I’ve sent it off to editing. At this point, I’m estimating about six weeks. So with the book complete now, I’ve drafted a teaser and wanted to share it with you. Please note this is unedited!

The Light Who Binds: Teaser

The Prophecy

Inspector Bluebell Kildare has waited months for her sexy Vampire boss, Jack Tanner to divulge the secrets he knows about her. She couldn’t be more shocked when he finally reveals her birth was prophesied over two thousand years go and she’s expected to save the Vampire souls so they can escape their fate of eternal damnation and burning on the Plane of Fire.

The Case

A savior she is not. Blue and her wolf Varg are busy battling several factions attempting to abduct her. Plus, she’s chasing a vicious serial arsonist who’s setting houses on fire and burning victims alive. Is it random or Genocide?

The Wolf

The furor accelerates when Varg displays new powerful abilities and a complaint is filed against him. But when the sorceress who sent him shows up, Blue fears she’ll lose him forever.

The Romance

Jack is the final straw. His eyes and sometimes his hands vow yes to her, but his delicious mouth murmurs no, until she puts her foot down and demands he makes a decision about them. What will he choose? And can she handle the answer?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Well, did that tease you enough to want it? This will become my Amazon description and the back of book blurb so I’d love to hear your opinions on it. Please comment below.

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