People share differing opinions for a variety of legitimate reasons, but usually it’s their approach that determines if the experience is mutually beneficial or combative. Please adhere to these rules of engagement when offering or expressing your point of view on my posts or on the comments of any party, regardless of which view those comments support.

The Big Rule

Do not, I repeat, do not engage at all if your objective is to convince other people you are correct.

  • Most arguments come from people trying to prove they are correct and the other party is wrong.
  • Most learning comes from people trying to understand each other. <–THIS IS WHAT WE WANT.

There is a BIG difference in tone and approach between someone who is trying to prove they are correct and someone who is trying to help other people understand what they believe to be true.

By all means, share why you believe what you do. Help people to understand, but do not attempt to force them to agree.

Other Rules of Engagement

  • Don’t call names, use profanity, heavy sarcasm, or insult.
  • Be respectful.
  • Don’t make sweeping generalizations about classes or groups of people.
  • When you disagree:
    • State clearly the part of an argument you disagree with.
    • Follow that up with a clear statement of what you believe to be true.
    • If it is an opinion, preface it with “I believe” or “I think.”
    • If you do state something as a fact, provide links to reliable sources to back it up.

I have a zero tolerance policy for offensive comments and they will be deleted.

Thank you,