Welcome to the Bluebell Kildare Series and the dangerous world of Crimson Hollow.

The Light Who Shines

The Binding of the Wolf

The Light Who Binds

The World

In the distant past the Great Demon Lilith created immortal Daylight Vampires who, just like human mortals, can walk in the sun, until . . .

. . . they kill in bloodlust. Lilith then calls their souls to the Plane of Fire, leaving their bodies to wander the the night as soulless ravenous beasts, insane in their perpetual hunger.

Both Dark and Daylight Vampires decimated mankind until our breed hid in caves, on the threshold of extinction.

This bloody era will forever be known as the Red Ages.

The Evil

Now, in the midst of the Great Peace Pact, hate begins to rise again.

Blue and her boss Jack struggle to uphold the treaty and implement justice while society teeters on the knifes edge, leaning toward hostile insurrection.

As Blue learns more about the origins of the dark shadow creeping over her world, she realizes that she may be the only hope for all mankind.

Thankfully she has her loyal wolf, Varg, by her side to help navigate the dangers of this violent realm.

The Romance

Blue’s relationship with Jack is its own battlefield, fraught with sexual tension, disappointment, and hope, as they slowly bare their souls to one another. As undeniably electric as their attraction clearly is, layers of secrets must be peeled away before there’s any chance of forging a future together.


My boss, Jack Tanner, is quite possibly the sexiest man alive.

He exudes danger in a quiet, stealthy sort of way.

If he kneels at my feet to check me for an injury, I just might melt into a puddle on his carpet, professional relationship be damned.

Is he going to kiss me?

What will he do?

Suddenly hundreds of feathers drift over my head, sticking to my hair and face.


I hear one voice among the bloodthirsty yell,

“Give her a Witch’s trial!”

Another voice responses,

“We’ll give her a trial of fire. If she is innocent, let her be saved!”

San Francisco Book Review

During the 1600s, the first Vampire was created, bringing about extreme chaos and the beginning of the Red Ages.

Over two thousand years later, Bluebell Kildare, homicide inspector for the Supernatural Investigation Bureau, is faced with solving the murder of a boy found naked, tortured, and beaten near a bar. She is able to examine the emotions and feelings left over in the area, as well as of those near her through the use of her sixth sense; she is Gifted, and very good at her job. By closing her other senses off, she can focus in on the many emotions that permeate the area, so as to center her attention in on evidence and clues that others may miss.

Sadly, despite Blue’s passion for her job, and the other Daylight Vampires who ensure the safety of the people around them, not everyone during this time is so understanding of sharing the world with people who have come to be so different from themselves. Extremist groups, such as the Dilectus Deo, are constantly protesting the very existence of the Gifted humans among them and the Daylight Vampires that protect them from the dangerous Dark Vampires — beings who have fallen prey to their more base natures and given up their ability to roam in daylight after killing in bloodlust. It is a dangerous world, and it takes only the best and bravest to search after criminals who would do harm to others.

“The boy is stark naked, and dried blood streaks extend from the crushed area of his forehead down to the hollows of his eyes where they pool like small, bloody twin lakes. […] I’m going to catch the person who did this. I want to tear his heart out with my bare hands and squeeze it into a bloody pulp.”

Fortunately, Blue is not only a talented investigator, but she also counts on the help of her boss, Jack Tanner – or as she prefers to think of him,

“quite possibly the sexiest man alive. He exudes danger in a quiet, stealthy sort of way. I often think I should be frightened of him – quite possibly because he’s a very old and incredibly strong Vampire. But I can’t seem to muster any fear, even when he’s in an obvious rage. That only makes me question my sanity.”

It’s a complicated and strained relationship – but the clear and palpable tension between them only makes watching them work together all the more enjoyable.

In The Light Who Shines, Lilo Abernathy has created an amazing and fantastic world in which normal humans, Gifted humans, Daylight and Dark Vampires must coexist despite the magical dangers, intolerance, and greed that run rampant on a day-to-day basis. The mystery of the tortured boy is the driving force behind this intriguing novel. As clues are discovered, witnesses questioned, and tips followed from one place to another, it becomes progressively more disturbing to get closer to the person responsible for such a heinous crime. Yet, the more we learn about Blue and her commitment to fight for those who have been victimized by this bigoted society, the more we realize she is just the investigator needed to get to the bottom of these kinds of transgressions. She proves to be not only fully dedicated to her job despite any dangers that come her way – including her own safety – and surprisingly strong-willed for someone who’s most prominent gift is the ability to sense emotions. Still, it is her imperfections and limitations that make her an even more likable character we can all relate to… especially when it comes to her weakness for Jack.

As the story unfolds, it becomes increasingly evident that there is much more at stake than meets the eye. The torture and death of this young boy leads Blue down a path of unprecedented self-discovery and a much larger role she must play not only at the Supernatural Investigation Bureau, but the world. Furthermore, it brings her and Jack much closer than they’ve ever been. The Light Who Shines is a fast-paced, extraordinary, and provocative tale of high stakes and deep losses that demands to be read!

Reviewed by Ruth Duran-Chea


“Bluebell Kildare, you were stillborn, born with the umbilical cord wrapped around your neck.

You were as blue as a bluebell.”

I call out through the dark with all the rage of my soul.

“Lilith, I call on you to hear me. By my blood, you will be destroyed!

“A light will come . . . “

My sixth sense is always active, but I only catch subtle impressions until I shut off my other senses.

I can also sense souls.


“Again, you forget I’m Vampire,” he growls.

“I was a hairsbreadth from killing Schmidt yesterday. I would have relished every scream of his pain.”