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Occasionally, I create extra small pieces related to my stories to hand out as prizes at social media parties or just for fun. Everyone who signs up to receive my notifications is welcome to these freebies. Enjoy.

Character Letter From Blue to Jack (in The Light Who Shines)


DSC_0663PP26PPC1C-yP2B-3000 funJune 1, 2022, Red Ages 

Dearest Jack,

I am writing because I find myself a tad bewildered about our personal relationship. But first I feel compelled to address your professional attitude toward me at work in my role as an experienced Supernatural Homicide Detective.

I may not be a Light Vampire skilled in the art of swordplay and able to move faster than the human eye can observe, but I can dispense Holy Water and snuff out Dark Vampires with the best of them. I confess, I am not a strapping specimen of male strength with magical skills that lend themselves to blending in the dark. However, I have my wolf, Varg, who lends me his strength, ears, eyes, and nose. Although I am female with the seemingly benign gift of being a sensitive, you may find it somewhat relevant that I can SENSE SOULS, and therefore am unlikely to be surprised by any perpetrator I track.

In addition, I believe my exemplary record of caseload success proves that I should not have to report to you every five minutes. Somehow, I find this to be a smidgen overprotective. Since, you don’t require my colleagues to report to you on such a frequent basis, I think we should reflect on why you single me out. Is it because I am a female?

Please loosen up! I expect to be treated as the competent, intelligent, successful agent that I am.

Now on to personal matters…

Perhaps it has occurred to you that when you stand well within my personal body space and do such gentle things as tuck my hair behind my ear, that it might have an affect on a healthy female libido? Alternatively, it may strike you as a tad outside of normal professional behavior to get me in a state of half-undress on the belfry? I don’t recall a course on interoffice undressing during my initial training seminars. Did I miss that?

So, in reflection, you might understand my confusion when you make powerful statements like: 

“Don’t even think of me. I am nothing but a boss keeping an eye on an employee who is working on a dangerous case.” 

I don’t think it is too much of a stretch for me to conclude that at least some element of our relationship has passed the bounds of the normal boss and employee relationship. Do you?

I’m sorry, I have to run. Varg senses someone on my balcony and I need to investigate!

In haste and confusion, 



Bluebell Kildare
Inspector, Homicide Unit
Supernatural Investigation Bureau
    June 13th, 2014|Story Extras|8 Comments


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