12008901_sI know you want to put one of your gorgeous book covers on your Goodreads posts but it requires that accursed word “coding.” Despite that, it actually isn’t that complicated.

Here’s the code you can use.

<img src=”link” width=300/>

Include the arrows and everything between.

  • Replace “link” with your actual link.
  • Replace 300 with your desired width in pixels.

Link: This is the link to your image somewhere else on the internet (like your blog post!). Be sure it ends in .jpg or .gif. That is how you know you truly have the image url.

Width: You can change the size of your image by adjusting the width, The height will also change relative to the width. So with that one parameter you can control the size of your image.

Voila! Now you can post pretty pictures of your book covers in Goodreads.

Just be careful to only post on the Author sections of the Goodreads groups, because those Group Admins will go after you in seek and destroy mode. Whew. I’m not afraid of much, but I’m afraid of them.

I’d like to take a moment to publicly thank all coders for being so open about sharing /teaching code to us non-techies. I never would have figured out even that small little thing by myself, and so I pass on the love to future generations.