Stars - GoldFan Spotlight Review of The Light Who Shines

by Mitsy

Wow! This book has it all!

Bluebell Kildare works for the Paranormal Investigative Bureau when she is called to the crime scene of a hit and run. Upon further investigation, she uncovers the teen boy was badly beaten before his death and a secret artifact that holds the key it all. She uses her sixth sense to help determine who is responsible. While doing so, she makes an enemy amongst the local police force, develops feelings for her boss, Jack, and becomes the owner of a wolf. Will she discover the secrets before it’s too late? Does Jack return her feelings? How does she respond to all that’s going on around her?

Blue is an incredible character. She’s one that stays with me days after finishing the novel. She’s adorable, beautiful, smart, good at her job, and caring. 🙂 Jack is a wonderful boss. The cast of characters are all very memorable.

There are Dark (bad) Vampires and Daylight (good) Vampires. There are Gifted humans, like Blue, and normal humans, like the cops who work the local police force. There’s Blue’s protective wolf, Varg. There’s science fiction, romantic suspense, two very dark scenes, and humor. Throughout the story is the message to respect each other or be prepared for the consequences if you don’t. It is a very fun novel with meaning.

The Light Who Shines is a book for everybody because it doesn’t fit into any one genre. The best books never do. 🙂