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by Jasmine Hambrick

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The Light Who Shines by Lilo Abernathy is one of the best supernatural mysteries to date. No supernatural is off limits in this book’s debut, but the book really focuses on 3 races of people, The norms(normal human beings) The gifted(humans with magical abilities) and vampires. I like how the book betrays discrimination but not that of race but about your class in society. The norms hate The gifted, they feel like they were made of the devil, especially because there powers cannot be used on holy ground and not because they don’t want to, it’s really because they physically can’t. This book is about a gifted Detective Bluebell Kildare, her handsome, sexy, vampire boss Jack, and her trusty and loyal pet wolf Varg that seems to have some magical powers of his own,thus making him a gifted pet. Bluebell has been assigned to a murder case of a 17-yr old gifted boy, at the murder scene she finds an amulet that puts herself in the line of fire and now it’s up to her to find out what is so special about this amulet and why did this 17-yr old boy have it, all the while trying to stay alive. With her first encounter of the mystery guy behind the case, in a dangerous situation she stumbles upon a wolf who saves her life at that moment in time and she adopts him as her own(Varg). Its gets better, Bluebell’s power is to be a sensitive, she senses a person’s emotion, which comes in handy if someone is lying. She also has this crush on her boss Jack and he on her, but he is afraid to go there with her because he feels that there is no redemption for a vampire and therefore she is too good for him.

But all in all, This is a great mystery and should be made into a series. Really it was fun trying to figure out the culprit. In this book, the character development was amazing, the evidence was great, and the anticipation lead up was awesome, all the while developing a love relationship with Bluebell and Jack, which you will for sure root for. And the fact that Jack has secrets himself about Blubell’s past is very shocking and also keeps you wanting more. I really can’t wait til Lilo comes out with the 2nd book of this series. And because of the sexiness of the book, I would really recommend this be a series on HBO like Trueblood or some other channel within that same genre. I give this book a 4 thumbs up and hope everyone agrees with me on wanting to see this on TV. Because after reading this book you for sure will keep wanting more!!!!

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