Stars - GoldFan Spotlight Review of The Light Who Shines

by Elaine

Wow, I loved this book from start to finish. It was fast paced, action packed and a little suspense thrown in.

I loved the character of Bluebell Kildare, she was such a likable character, strong, unsure of herself but always wanting to do things on her own as if to prove her self good enough.

The story basically is about Bluebell who is magically gifted investigating the gruesome death of a teenage boy and finding herself into deep while fighting her growing feelings for her boss Jack who is a daylight vampire, and who by the end of the book I was mentally shouting at silly male.

I also loved Varg the mysterious wolf who appears to save Blue and never leaves her side, always looking out for her.

The story it’s self was fast paced and started basically straight away, I liked that, no chapters of pointless getting to know the characters in this book you got to know them as the book progressed which I found made the book all that more interesting.

All the characters worked well together and I liked that there weren’t too many to keep track of.

I did have a little cry the last couple of chapters.

All in all this is a great start to what could be a good series, this book reminded me a little of the Racheal Morgan series by Kim Harrison. I loved it from start to finish and am eagerly awaiting book 2.