Stars - GoldFan Spotlight Review of The Light Who Binds

by Carol-ann Hill

This is the second book in the Bluebell Killdare series by Lilo J Abernathy. If you have not read the first one yet, the Light who Shines, do so now! I enjoyed this book immensely. Blue, her companion Varg, a gorgeous wolf, and Jack, her boss at the Investigation Agency, are off on another adventure. Blue is about to make some interesting, stunning discoveries about herself, which both scare and confuse her. We learn more about Varg as well, and Blue’s romantic feelings for Jack lead her to force him to make a decision. In this book, a mysterious firestarter is causing havoc, townsfolk are out to destroy vampires and gifted alike and it is up to Blue, Jack and the agency to solve the baffling mystery and protect the innocent. The writing in this book is lyrical, and flows like a beautiful melody throughout. The pace is scintillating and keeps you reading way past bedtime! The intricacies of the plot are carefully knitted together into a stunningly suspenseful way, and you are inexorably drawn into the characters, becoming one with them. I felt every emotion; anxiety, fear, sadness, joy, excitement, all of it. There were even parts that brought me to tears, which does not often happen when I read. At the end of the book, I felt as if my emotions had been put through a wringer, and as I came out of this dream world, I realized that I was not a character! What a shock! The Light who Binds is a MUST READ! I will be awaiting further books most eagerly, as my secret life must continue! Well done Lilo J Abernathy for an amazing book! I wish you much success with this series!