32231885_sEditorial Review of The Light Who Shines

by Tracy Slowiak for Readers’ Favorite

I just finished The Light Who Shines: Bluebell Kildare Series Book One by author Lilo Abernathy. I am always thrilled to find a new series that promises to be fantastic, and this book has all the elements needed to make that the case! The story starts with a witch-burning 2000 years ago, one with serious consequences for the people in our story. Bluebell Kildare, more commonly called Blue, an agent with a paranormal investigative team in the year 2022, has many gifts. With the abilities of a Sensitive, she is able to sense magic, see souls, and feel emotions, and is able to assist in solving crimes in a very unique way. When we’re first introduced to Blue, she’s at the scene of a supposed hit and run car crash that has killed a teenaged boy. It quickly becomes apparent that his death is more than a simple hit and run and, before she knows it, Blue is wrapped up in a complex and dangerous situation that could lead to her solving the mystery or coming to harm. Combine that with her growing attraction to her boss, a daytime vampire, Jack Tanner, and you’ve got an extremely intriguing story on your hands.

I loved this book! I really enjoy paranormal reads, and this book has everything the genre needs; vampires, wolves, witches and Sensitives, but so much more as well. Mystery, intrigue, action, adventure and romance also abound in The Light Who Shines, and I so appreciate author Lilo Abernathy’s ability to pull all that together in one book. This novel would appeal to any reader of paranormal fiction, mysteries, romances or action/adventure novels, or just those ready to try a creative read that is very well done. Ms. Abernathy does a great job of world-building in this novel, and sets the reader up for the next in the series. I, for one, can’t wait to read the next installment!

Link: http://bit.ly/1EPilrx