3915709145_4dbbd1caf7_zI missed the debate and went searching for a recording to watch tonight. Interestingly, I ran across an article stating there was a big conflict between who the news media thought came out on top (Clinton) and public polls (Sanders). I just watched the first 2 minute spiel that each candidate gave and I can immediately see why Sanders is appealing to the citizens and why the media might not get it.

The Citizens of the United States are getting more and more angry and Bernie Sanders seems to be the only one who is angry with us.

It reminds me of a day I was in the hospital with my daughter. She was on chemotherapy and she had a clot in her brain that the doctors hadn’t found at that point. She was projectile vomiting, her eyes were bulging out of her head, and she hadn’t eaten in 10 days. I was yelling at the doctors to stop doing nothing and find out what was wrong with her. The social workers were trying to placate me and asked if they could send a massage therapist up to help me relax. I’m like, OMG, my daughter is DYYYYYIIINNGGG IN FRONT OF MY EYES!!!!!!!! AM I SUPPOSED TO BE RELAXED RIGHT NOW? HOW WOULD THAT BE NORMAL?????

No. I didn’t want a massage therapist. I didn’t want to be relaxed. I wanted my daughter fixed. And the Citizens of the United States don’t want to remain calm anymore either. We’re angry and we’re glad there is FINALLY someone who is angry with us and for us. Our middle class is losing the battle against the wealthy, our earth is threatened, our very Democracy has turned into an Oligarchy, and the time to remain calm has passed. We want our country fixed.

I, for one, thank you Bernie Sanders. Thank you for being angry with us.

I agree with the media that Hillary came across as intelligent, confident, and most articulate, but her savvy in front of the camera, her smooth polish if you will, perhaps makes people less comfortable with her. It also doesn’t help that she is, at times, condescending. She’s slick and we’re a little leery of slick.

Bernie’s emotional blustering feels more honest and trustworthy to me. Not to mention that beneath the blustering, he clearly has a keen economic mind and the strongest sense of ethics.

I write this as someone who has long looked forward to voting Hillary, our first female President, into the White House. But I’m pretty sure I just changed camps. I think I’m a Bernie girl now.

The clot was eventually found in my daughter’s brain, but it wasn’t found while I was busy getting a massage. I kept after the doctors. I stayed in their face. I kept dragging my daughter back to the emergency room. When they couldn’t find what was wrong I took her to different emergency rooms. I wouldn’t take no for an answer until someone found out what was killing my daughter. And finally they did. And after nine months of treatment for the massive clot in her brain and three years of treatment for the cancer, she is fine now, knock on wood.

My fellow Citizens of the United States, the mess of our country isn’t going to get fixed while we get our hair done, have massages, or rake our leaves until our lawn is immaculate perfection. We’ve got to be angry. We’ve got to stay on this. We can’t let it go. I hope in 8 years I can say my country is fixed as well.


P.S. Donkey is the symbol for Democrat.