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The Lynx Series

By Fiona Quinn
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Fiona’s second book of the series is as fantastic as the first and I’m still fangirling over this series. Spyder finally make an appearance, but it is a appearance surrounded by mystery. A creepy lady moves into the neighborhood, who keeps giving Lexi strange looks and her internal sense tells her the woman is bad business. Her internal knowing is correct. A series of events Lexi can’t prevent lead her into the worst mentally and physically damaging situation of her life. At the climax of the story your heart will be beating and you will be wishing with all your heart that Lexi will live.

The romance between Lexi and Striker teases us, the tension increases and their relationship deepens. I really like how Fiona takes her time with the relationship, letting it grow in a natural way. The action in this novel is still non-stop thrills, but the drama is even higher than in book one.

Bottom line: Fiona has created a world with high tension in the case, in the romance, and in physical action. This is a knock-out combination.

Excellent read!

Lilo Abernathy

Author and Book Lover