DSC_0663PP26PPC1C-yP2B-3000 for WebsitesThings have been pretty hectic lately. I’ve created two print versions of my book on createspace.com, which are now being distributed by Amazon, their parent company.

I’ve learned a few lessons about writing in the process. The biggest is that I wrote too many words! Almost 140,000 words! The consequence is that it costs a lot to print. Therefore, my price is not as low as I wished I could offer. Apparently, most commercial books are preferred to be between 60,000 and 80,000 words. I hope my potential customers will factor this in when they consider purchasing it or will turn to the ebook version. Meanwhile, I’ve resolved to do better for Book 2.

So far, the book is averaging 4.5 stars on Goodreads and readers are asking me for Book 2 already. Considering this is my debut novel, I’m sure you can understand my excitement!

6 x 9 version: This one is formatted very nicely with 12-point easy to read font, a little spacing between paragraphs (.3), and nice size chapter headings. It is my favorite!
Click here for this version.

5 x 8 version: I created this version to offer a cheaper option for those who want print. It is printed in 10 point Times New Roman as that is a bit tighter. It has been tightened as much as possible and relieved of the Author Bio and the Preface.
Click here for this version.

Both are beautiful books with a glossy cover and white pages! I searched forever to find a cool looking unrestricted use font to use as the chapter headings.

Ebook Version: This is obviously the best value (as always). Click here for this version.
It is also available on Barnes and Noble and on Smashwords.

My most cherished details about the book itself (not the story) are the chapter names. I love chapter names! Each name received thoughtful consideration so that it would hint, but not reveal the contents of the chapter. Each chapter is a different scene in the book.