DSC_0663PP26PPC1C-yP2B-3000 for WebsitesIf you have been following along with my excerpts, tweets, or Facebook page you know The Light Who Shines is a very cool urban fantasy novel about a supernatural investigator named Bluebell Kildare (a.k.a. Blue). The world includes paranormal characters like Vampires and magically Gifted people, and if you have read it you know there is a wolf named Varg with mysterious powers.

All of that is the fun and excitement wrapped around the underlying theme of prejudice and hate. The Light Who Shines is an anti-prejudice and anti-hate novel written in a way to be easily accessible and enjoyable to those who don’t like reading non-fiction, or who occasionally just like to take breaks with an entertaining read.

“What prejudice?” and “What hate?” you might ask. There is no racial prejudice and no homophobia in this book. Not a drop. I’ve completely removed it and instead have flipped the lens of hate to be between the different breeds of humans. Here the hate runs rampant.

Why? So that people can read it from a non-defensive stance and from a non-offended position and see it separated from the places where we normally see prejudice and hate. I want readers to feel a touch of what it is to be a minority demographic through their experience as Blue, the heroine. I hope you see the pain it causes the characters and the destruction it causes the society with unobscured eyes. I want it to feel personal, but be about non-personal subjects.

Yet, I wanted it to be a pleasure to read and not resemble a lecture in the slightest. It should simply be thought provoking.

So far the novel is getting excellent reviews and has a 4.8 star rating on Amazon, so I hope that means I’ve begun to achieved my goal.

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The Light Who Shines

On Amazon: http://amzn.to/1eL48yy