girl-785310_640Dear Friends and Readers,

I just wanted to give you an update on where I stand with The Light Who Binds. The book has been written and I’m in the process of getting it into shape to send to beta readers within a week.

My process will be:

  • Beta Readers
  • Revision
  • Full Edit
  • Revision
  • Light Edit / Cutting / Tightening
  • Revision
  • Proofing
  • Publishing

I have to tell you that I’m so excited about this book I can hardly keep quiet. And if someone were to beg me for info, I would have a hard time not divulging. With that said, it really gave me some trouble there for a while, but after coaxing and cajoling, it is now behaving like a stellar student.

There are three major plot lines in this book. So, the last 20 chapters are practically non-stop thrills and emotional chaos as each plot line has a climax of its own.

Minor Spoilers
We definitely learn who the heroine, Bluebell Kildare is and what Illustrissima means. Maud and Harry’s (Blue’s mother figure and her neighbor) relationship progresses, in what direction I won’t say. Alexis (Blue’s friend) may have a love interest. And Varg (the ever loyal wolf) gets a mini plot of his own. All of this is in addition to the three major plot lines. And yes, we get to dig deeper into the hero, Jack, as well. He’s featured a lot in this book.
End Minor Spoilers

Ohh, so many mysteries revealed and so many more mysteries yet to unravel. Yes, I’m a big fat tease. If you can imagine a woman sitting by her desk reviewing her work while waving her pointy fingernails in the air and cackling with glee over the angst she is creating, that would be about right.

If you are familiar with my work you know I write each separate scene as an individual chapter, so that means some are long, but some are short. I don’t try to artificially tie chapters together or make them longer to be some predefined “typical length.” Every scene serves a purpose in the plot, and when the purpose is achieved, I move to the next. Right now it’s at 81 chapters and about 105,000 words as it stands. And let me tell you, it is packed so much, I can hardly believe all that stuff can fit in one book.

The entire series will be:

  • The Light Who Shines
  • The Light Who Binds
  • The Light Who Burns
  • The Light Who Destroys

Ohh, one more thing . . . As we’re getting closer and closer to release, please be sure to sign up for my news so you get notified of its release right away.