Stars - RedPeer Review of The Light Who Shines

by Tima Maria Lacoba

Author of the Dantonville Legacy Series

If a gripping paranormal, suspense mystery with a deeper social message is your kind of read, then this is the book for you. In The Light Who Shines, the author has successfully combined a whodunnit with the stronger issues of prejudice and bigotry, highlighting the injustice faced by those who manifest “gifts” feared by the human community.

Bluebell Kildare, who works for the Supernatural Investigation Bureau (SIB), has the gift of being able to read souls. In other words, she can spot a lie a mile away. Her boss is a vampire. Both are on the fringes of a society which has reluctantly accepted their existence—’coming out’ was never meant to be easy—and both face human opposition in their investigations.

Underpinning all this, is the burgeoning romance between Blue and her dishy boss, Jack Tanner. The sexual tension between them is nicely maintained throughout the story, but don’t look for a quick resolution. This is a series after all.

I’m looking forward to Book 2, The Light Who Binds.