Stars - RedPeer Review of The Light Who Shines

by Cary Allen Stone

Author of The Jake Roberts Series

The Light Who Shines centers around a world of dark and light vampires, a world of Gifted and Normal humans. Together they live in close proximity based on an uneasy peace forged 2000 years earlier. Highlighted are the elements of hatred and prejudice toward anyone who is not a Normal. Jack, a Light vampire is in a budding romance with Blue, a Gifted human. The sweet Maud and resourceful Alexis are Blue’s supportive friends. Blue also has the friendship of a very special wolf named Varq. Blue and Jack both work for the Supernatural Crimes Bureau. They work to solve supernatural crimes, and recently occurring hate crimes. Blue stumbles into a dangerous criminal who almost ends her life. Jack and Varq come to her rescue. Brilliantly well-written by Lilo Abernathy, the paranormal romance and mystery has a supernatural power all its own. I highly recommend it.