32790514_sI’ve been preparing my website and blog for my eventual press release. The truth is, I’m procrastinating working on my bio, because I hate my bio and I feel it needs to be done before the press release goes out. It is, after all, a key part of the media kit.

I’ve heard you need a very short professional bio, a fun bio, and a longer bio. No one has explained if the longer bio needs to be fun or not. Do I really need three bios?

So! Now that my website and blog are all bright and spiffy, I need to return to work on my bio. Just kidding! It really means I need to find some NEW way to procrastinate.

But GOOD NEWS! I have something else that requires being done. Something I’m very glad to do in fact. I am heading out to an office center to package up and send three books to three lucky Goodread Giveaway winners! It is very exciting.

I’ve got to run now, but please, while I’m out, take your time to examine my spiffy new duds. Both the website and blog are linked to each other now. Isn’t it grand?