32231885_sEditorial Review of The Light Who Shines

May 28, 2014


Debut author Abernathy offers a supernatural detective novel set in the near future.

In 2022, society consists of more than mere humans. There are, of course, regular people (known as “Norms”), but there are also Gifted humans with a talent for magic in the mix, as are vampires who, as the name suggests, feast on blood. Bluebell Kildare, a Gifted human with blue eyes and a streak of blue hair, fights crime as a member of the Supernatural Homicide Investigation Unit. She has the ability to sense souls, and with her trusty Glock at the ready, she investigates supernatural hate crimes as well as deaths that occur “due to a motive relating to magical gifts or blood theft.” When a 17-year-old Gifted human is brutally murdered, Kildare vows to find the culprit even as the investigation compromises her personal safety. Aided by her vampire boss, Jack (“quite possibly the sexiest man alive”), who helps narrate this tale, Kildare dives deeply into a world of crime and prejudice. The book abounds with action, supernatural creatures and tinges of sexiness (“I select a pair of bright fuchsia, French cut panties and a matching push-up bra, both decorated with tiny, black satin bows,” says Kildare) and will please readers looking for a gun-toting, magical hero who’s independent yet yearning for companionship. The novel is lengthy but readable, although it’s sometimes repetitive and slowed by unnecessary dialogue (“Well, if that is it, I should head back to my men,” one character says to conclude a conversation). As much as she’s defined by her butt-kicking attitude, Kildare is complex, confident and introspective. Readers will find her a likable character as she earnestly pursues both justice and romance.

An often enjoyable delve into urban fantasy.

Link: http://bit.ly/1Q2dgwi