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Fan Spotlight Review of THE LIGHT WHO BINDS by Gina


Fan Spotlight Review of The Light Who Binds

by Gina

I was unsure that the second book in the series would be able to meet my expectations after reading the first book. There were just so many exciting possibilities for the author to take the storyline and to further develop the characters. I have a very active and creative imagination, so I am often disappointed in the final outcome of a book that I have been waiting oh-so-impatiently to be released. I have never been so happy to fall short on my expectations.

The story was even better than I could ever have imagined. The story was something that did not entirely see coming. It was as Lilo took everything that I was expecting and then turned it up a notch. I could not read the book fast enough. I hated to set it down for even a second.

This is one series that is worth the time and effort to obtain. I can not think of a negative thing to say about it at all. I wish I could give it 6 stars.

Link: http://bit.ly/1EPtvwc

Fan Spotlight of THE LIGHT WHO BINDS by Jennifer Zamboni


Stars - GoldFan Spotlight Review of The Light Who Binds

by Jennifer Zamboni

After much anticipation, I got my hands on this second book in the Bluebell Kildare series. I was up with the littlest kiddo at one in the morning, day of the book release, & I just couldn’t wait, so I bought it straight off, and started reading, as soon as I was awake enough to comprehend words. I couldn’t put it down! From start to finish, I was sucked in. No slow points where I had any inclination to put the book down, & go do something else. There’s a good look a Blue’s past, who/what Varg is. I found out what the mysterious Illustrissima is. There are even hints as to what Dragomira is. The end left me a bit sad, and looking forward to book three.

Note: this series is definitely NOT for young readers. There sex is graphic, though it’s just a part of the story, & doesn’t take over the story.

I’m a huge fan of Ms. Abernathy, & will continue reading everything she publishes!

Link: http://bit.ly/1QpEhui

Fan Spotlight Review of THE LIGHT WHO BINDS by Elaine


Stars - GoldFan Spotlight Review of The Light Who Binds

by Elaine

Loved it. Bluebell, Jack and Varg are back and the stakes are getting higher.

This book more or less starts from were The Light Who Shines ended.

Bluebell is all healed after the torture she endured at the hands of Tobias Blackwater and is ready to be told the big secrets surrounding The key, Lilith and Bluebell’s role in the whole affair..

This book answered a lot of questions from the first book, while at the same time leaving new questions to be answered.

I liked the fact that in this book we also get to know a little more about Dragomira and her role in the story, as well as been introduced to the mysterious Anna Marie. There were shocks aplenty in this book and the biggest for me was the evil Dean Schimdt, I was rooting for him to be flayed alive, but he seems to be a major player maybe?

There were times when I wanted to smack Jack then he doe’s something to surprise me. He is the helpless hero, but flawed and I liked that.

This book just flowed with so much been revealed yet still kept back. So many hints I just need the next book.

Link: http://bit.ly/1JVLEFk

Fan Spotlight Review of THE LIGHT WHO BINDS by Elusive


Stars - GoldFan Spotlight Review of The Light Who Binds

by Elusive

I have to say WOW!!!! Just WOW!!! This book just have it all I didn’t think Lilo Abernathy could possible make me love this fantastic world and characters she has created anymore than I already did, But I was wrong oh so wrong I was ignorant and now I have seen the light haha 😛

No but really Lilo Abernathy keeps writing these awesome captivating books that I just can’t escape, add to that the fact that I have finished the second book and I really really want more.

I just loved this book so much there was such incredible revelations in it. I really felt like alot of things where explained and came to light in this second installment of Bluebell Kildare. I am suprise I had to go look hard to find this series, it should be right at the top of the UF list of amazing books, along with books such as Kate Daniels, Mercy Thompson, Jane Yellowrock and other best selling awesome UF books.

If you are thinking about buying this book I got one thing to tell you stop thinking and buy it now!!! I promise that if you liked or like me, deligthed in the first installment of the Bluebell Kildare series. Then you will just drop everything to get a chanse too read this.

Thanks to Lilo Abernathy for another amazing and captivating book that keept me at the edge of my seat through the entire read. I can’t stress enough how very well and interesting written this series is.

Link: http://bit.ly/1ieS3EU

Fan Spotlight Review of THE LIGHT WHO BINDS by Carol-ann Hill


Stars - GoldFan Spotlight Review of The Light Who Binds

by Carol-ann Hill

This is the second book in the Bluebell Killdare series by Lilo J Abernathy. If you have not read the first one yet, the Light who Shines, do so now! I enjoyed this book immensely. Blue, her companion Varg, a gorgeous wolf, and Jack, her boss at the Investigation Agency, are off on another adventure. Blue is about to make some interesting, stunning discoveries about herself, which both scare and confuse her. We learn more about Varg as well, and Blue’s romantic feelings for Jack lead her to force him to make a decision. In this book, a mysterious firestarter is causing havoc, townsfolk are out to destroy vampires and gifted alike and it is up to Blue, Jack and the agency to solve the baffling mystery and protect the innocent. The writing in this book is lyrical, and flows like a beautiful melody throughout. The pace is scintillating and keeps you reading way past bedtime! The intricacies of the plot are carefully knitted together into a stunningly suspenseful way, and you are inexorably drawn into the characters, becoming one with them. I felt every emotion; anxiety, fear, sadness, joy, excitement, all of it. There were even parts that brought me to tears, which does not often happen when I read. At the end of the book, I felt as if my emotions had been put through a wringer, and as I came out of this dream world, I realized that I was not a character! What a shock! The Light who Binds is a MUST READ! I will be awaiting further books most eagerly, as my secret life must continue! Well done Lilo J Abernathy for an amazing book! I wish you much success with this series!

Link: http://bit.ly/1UCP6Pn

Fan Spotlight Review of THE LIGHT WHO BINDS by Christina Hurley


Stars - GoldFan Spotlight Review of The Light Who Binds

by Christina Hurley

This is the second book in her series. It’s split between Blue and Jack’s point of view, which, I think, gives the reader a better understanding of their “relationship”. Both are romantically interested, but he’s her boss, so you know, conflicts of interest.

But the main arc of the book (and series) is the animosity between the Norms (people without powers) and the Gifted (people who have some sort of supernatural power). Lilo does an excellent job creating and maintaining this; as well as taking it to the next step as things start to heat up between the two groups and Blue and Jacks job to try to help maintain the peace.

Link: http://amzn.to/1iycbBT