The FuryThe Fury

By John Reinhard Dizon

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#Horror #Occult #Crime #Mystery

Holy Freaking Voodoo Mojo… that was scary!

I’m pretty sure I read most of this book from between the fingers of the hand covering my eyes. It is not gruesome due to explicit detail, but there is plenty of ‘WTF! Did That Just Happen?’ violence and the suspense is amazing. It will have you clutching a comforter and will freak you the shit out! Seriously.

The plot is anchored around private investigator, Bridge (short for Bridgette), who is hired by a New York Mob Boss to run surveillance on his daughter, Annabell. Annabell gets mixed in with a fortune telling Voodoo crowd and is closeted in a building where horrific murders keep happening. Bridge is a strong female heroine, and I love her. I especially love when she retorts back to an insult by grabbing her breast and saying “Suck on this.” She is hard-ass all the way.

The evil Voodoo queen is soooo EVIL! You will quake in your boots. And The Fury, what can I say? It simply destroys.

The intertwining relationships in this story are amazing, both current, and in snippets from generations past. This author did his research well, and you can tell. A lot of this story takes place in New York, between cops and the ‘hood. The lingo is believable, the situations, authentic.

If you like New York rough neighborhoods, private detectives, cop investigations, thrillers, horrors, suspense, paranormal, strong heroines, possessions, and voodoo magic scariness, then you will totally love this book.

Lilo Abernathy
Author and Book Lover