The Calling

The Gateway Series: Book 1

by Louise White
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#YA #UrbanFantasy #Romance #Action

I loved this book. The beginning was absolutely incredible. Carolyn walks in to see her family being destroyed and something happens to her. She becomes this beautiful feral wild thang. She is called the Destroyer and her purpose is to kill Demons who steal humans.

Let’s just pause here a moment and reflect on the Feral Wild Thang. When I say feral, I actually mean feral, as in the movie Nell with the feral child, starring Jodi Foster. It’s fantastic like that too. I am soooo envious that Author Louise White thought of this idea before I did. Now that she’s written it and I’ve read it, I can’t use it. Maybe in about 20 years. But for now, I can’t. So . . . major envy here.

The story is filled with thrilling action as Carolyn completes her mission of destroying demons. Eventually, she starts to move toward a more aware mind and way from being a raving killing beast. The transition is fascinating to watch. Then, several possible love interests appear, each with potential ulterior motives, leaving the reader unclear who’s safe and best for her. I’m rooting for one male, but I’m not sure if Louise is with me on that. 🙂 Deception and betrayal complicate the plot and the characterization is excellent, allowing you to feel deeply for Carolyn’s team.

Several side plots further enrich the story and mysteries abound. Do some of the secondary characters have a relationship? What is the relationship of the strongest Mage to the God-like Protector? What is this parasitic power that has attached to her first, and secondly to Note? So many mysteries . . .

I’m looking forward the next book!

Lilo Abernathy
Author and Book Lover